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Electric and Natural Gas Overview

Industry experts believe that natural gas and electric vehicles will coexist because they offer solutions for different vehicle applications. Natural gas is a good solution for long haul trucks, while electric is an excellent solution for local delivery vehicles and shuttle buses. Every natural gas vehicle on the road demonstrates one more fleet that is not satisfied with the diesel status quo, which builds the alternative fuels market to the benefit of all alternative fuels, including electricity. This paper outlines all of the factors leading up to this conclusion.

Designing Battery Systems

Battery cell technology is evolving rapidly, and the cost/KWh is falling. However, power management is still an obstacle for the wide-spread adoption of battery storage systems. This white paper discusses Motiv’s unique approach to designing and building battery packs and battery management systems.

Google Funded Mountain View Free Community Shuttle Case Study

The goal of the project is to reduce single occupancy vehicle traffic in key Mountain View traffic corridors with a clean transportation alternative and reduce demands on parking in downtown.