Visit us at The Work Truck Show 2017

Electric has Arrived!

All-electric trucks are finally hitting the mainstream! Check out Motiv Power Systems’ All-Electric Powertrain in Ford’s first-ever electric truck display.
Take a spin in a Morgan Olson Walk In Van at the Ride & Drive and then have a drink at our happy hour!

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See a Ford F59 all-electric chassis up close.

When: All EXPO hall hours during the NTEA Work Truck Show, March 15 – 17



Get behind the wheel of a   Walk In Van at the Ride & Drive

Drive AmeriPride’s electric Walk In Van built on a Ford F59 Chassis by Morgan Olson.

When: Wednesday – Thursday, March 15 – 16, 12:00 noon – 4:30pm

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Meet the Technology Team behind these electric trucks

Come to Motiv’s Happy Hour in the 500 Reception room (next to 500 ballroom). We would love to meet you, talk about electric trucks and buses, and see how we could help your sustainability efforts. We’re hosting an open bar and appetizers! You can just show up, but if you’d like to schedule additional time to meet, please email us at prior to the conference.

When: Wednesday, March 15, 5:00pm – 7:00pm

Why Electrify?

Approximately a third of these eight million fossil fueled trucks and buses in the US are ideal for electrification. These vehicles drive planned local routes less than 100 miles a day with a lot of starts and stops and park in a depot at night, which typically have the infrastructure necessary for charging the vehicles. These vehicles range from shuttle buses and delivery trucks, to school buses, garbage trucks and municipal fleet work trucks, just to name a few.

Today, fleets face many elements pushing them towards alternative fuels, including emissions regulations, oil dependence and price volatility, national security, and growing public opinion on environmental concerns. The thousands of electric trucks already on the road, show EVs are an economically and environmentally responsible solution for a variety of transportation needs. Motiv is uniquely positioned to push this trend forward.